One Dose For A Range Of Chemotherapy Regimens

One fixed dose

Oral dosing recommendations1

Dosing Recommendations
  • One AKYNZEO capsule (300 mg netupitant/0.5 mg palonosetron) should be administered approximately 1 hour prior to the start of chemotherapy1
  • Only one dose of AKYNZEO is required on Day 1 of chemotherapy1
  • AKYNZEO can be taken with or without food1
  • No additional dexamethasone is required after Day 1 for AC and other non-cisplatin-based chemotherapy1
AKYNZEO was administered with a variety of chemo regimens2

AKYNZEO patients undergoing initial and repeated cycles of chemotherapy1-3

Different Chemo Regimens.
*24% of patients.
76% of patients.
Safety study design
Study design in patients undergoing initial and repeat cycles of chemotherapy who received AKYNZEO2
  • The primary assessment of this study was safety measured primarily by treatment-emergent adverse events
  • Based on a multinational, multicenter, randomized, double-blind, double-dummy, parallel-group study
  • Patients were randomized (3:1 for AKYNZEO) on Day 1 of their first chemotherapy cycle before administration of highly emetogenic chemotherapy or moderately emetogenic chemotherapy
  • There was no limit to the number of repeat consecutive cycles for each patient
HEC=highly emetogenic chemotherapy.